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https://www.change.org/ Potbelly gives $10 million loan backBig companies got access to loan money dedicated to small businesses. After 50,000 signatures on Carl’s petition, Potbelly gave $10 million in loan money back, so that small and local businesses could access funding.  More

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Apache HTTP Server Test Page powered by CentOS

http://arquivos.unilasalle.org/ About CentOS:The Community ENTerprise Operating System (CentOS) Linux is a community-supported enterprise distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by Red Hat. As such, CentOS Linux aims to be functionally compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The CentOS Project is the organization that builds CentOS. We mainly change packages to remove upstream […]

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Zimbra Web Client Sign In

https://cc.philasd.org/ Client Types Advanced offers the full set of Web collaboration features. This Web Client works best with newer browsers and faster Internet connections. Standard is recommended when Internet connections are slow, when using older browsers, or for easier accessibility. Mobile is recommended for mobile devices. Touch is recommended for tablets. To set Default to […]

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Leadership Development Results That Matter | CCL | Learn More

https://www.ccl.org/ When done right, leadership development ignites transformational change in individuals, teams, organizations, and communities. That’s why, at the Center for Creative Leadership, our sole focus is leadership development, education, and research. We’ve been at the forefront of leadership development for nearly 50 years, innovating and pioneering the industry’s best practices. Our flagship Leadership Development […]

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Sign the Petition

https://www.change.org/p/prefeito-da-cidade-do-rio-de-janeiro-transol%C3%ADmpica-rio-de-janeiro A Prefeitura da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, mais uma vez vai contra os interesses da população, do contribuinte e do eleitor. E vai a favor das empreiteiras e dos empresários. Autoriza o consórcio Transrio responsável pela construção e exploração da nova via Transolimpica que vai ligar a Barra da Tijuca a Deodoro, a […]

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International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

https://iupac.org/ Nearly 30 years ago, an international structure was set into place with the capacity to coordinate effective environmental cooperation in the Arctic. Practically, the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) is to monitor and assess the levels, trends, and effects of pollutants and climate change on the Arctic ecosystem and the people living there, […]

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Brazilian Journal of Sustainability

https://ojs.esf.org.br/ Brazilian Journal of Sustainability is the official scientific publication of the Engineers Without Borders Brazil (ESF – Brasil) devoted to Sustainable Development. The journal is published Trimonthly and accepts original papers on sustainable engineering, energy planning, cleaner production, volunteering, social responsibility, environmental education, climate change, water resources and Sustainable Development Goals. The principal aim […]

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We need a global reskilling revolution – here’s why

https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/01/reskilling-revolution-jobs-future-skills/ As jobs are transformed by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to reskill more than 1 billion people by 2030. In the next two years – by 2022 – 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change. In addition to high-tech skills, specialized interpersonal skills will […]

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PMI Login

https://vrms.pmi.org/ Trouble logging in? If you’re using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) as your browser, you may have a problem logging in. If so, simply change the compatibility settings on your browser. Or try using a different browser such as Mozilla…

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https://soged.org.br/ Soged.Org.Br
https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/atelierdigitalportugal Learndigital.Withgoogle.Com Acesso
https://www.ampligen.com.br/en/secure/my_account CNPJ: 32.990.765/0001-02 Razão Social: Ampligen Biotecnologia LTDA - ME Endereço: Av. Itororó, 405 CEP 87010-460 - Zona 2, Maringá
https://partner.booking.com/pt/ajuda/contas-de-utilizador-e-notifica%C3%A7%C3%B5es/iniciar-sess%C3%A3o-na-extranet-atrav%C3%A9s-de-um-novo-dispositivo Se estiver a iniciar sessão na extranet de Booking.com a partir de um novo dispositivo, ser-lhe-á pedido que verifique
https://abfo.org.br/ Unir profissionais Reunimos fisioterapeutas dedicados a Oncologia em todo o território nacional,
https://rac.anpad.org.br/index.php/rac/login Rac.Anpad.Org.Br Acesso