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Global Home: UPS – United States

https://www.ups.com/ LegalExpand Customer Service Global Home Protect Against Fraud Website Terms of Use Your California Privacy RightsOpen the link in a new window Privacy NoticeOpen the link in a new window Cookie Settings Do Not Sell My Info Copyright ©1994- 2020  United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved. …

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Why Dext? | Dext – Previously Receipt Bank

http://receipt-bank.com/ And Dext is so much more.Click here to head to your new homepage. Dext is the new name for our company. And Dext Prepare is the new name for Receipt Bank. New name. Same product. New features. Same mission – to make accountants, bookkeepers and businesses more productive, profitable and powerful. You can use […]

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Welcome To Global HELP – Global HELP

http://global-help.org/ Global HELP provides a free, online medical library with a primary focus on children’s health in underserved communities. Global HELP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Click here to find out how you can help us!

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Brazil’s new president and ‘ruralists’ threaten Amazonia’s environment, traditional peoples and the global climate | Environmental Conservation | Cambridge Core

https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/environmental-conservation/article/brazils-new-president-and-ruralists-threaten-amazonias-environment-traditional-peoples-and-the-global-climate/F5C1E42BF9F6E6BDDB957B87601FC4F7 Arraut, JM, Nobre, CA, Barbosa, HM, Obregon, G, Marengo, JA (2012) Aerial rivers and lakes: looking at large-scale moisture transport and its relation to Amazonia and to subtropical rainfall in South America. Journal of Climate 25: 543–556. D’Almeida, C, Vorosmarty, CJ, Hurtt, GC, Marengo, JA, Dingman, SL, Keim, BD (2007) The effects of deforestation […]

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Servicios Bibliotecarios

https://www.upr.edu/continuidad-academica/servicios-bibliotecarios/ Database Name Provider 60 Minutes: 1997-2014 Alexander Street Press Academic Video Online: Premium – United States Alexander Street Press American History In Video (United States) Alexander Street Press American Newsreels in Video Alexander Street Press Art and Architecture In Video (United States) Alexander Street Press Asian Film Online: Volume I (United States) Alexander Street […]

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http://technyc.org/ TECH:NYC REPRESENTS NEW YORK’S TECH ECONOMY. Tech:NYC is an engaged network of tech leaders working to foster a dynamic, diverse, and creative New York. We bring together New Yorkers to support a successful technology ecosystem, attract and retain top-tier talent, and celebrate New York and the companies that call it home. Tech:NYC mobilizes the expertise […]

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Coletivo Feminino Plural | Boletim da Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

https://femininoplural.org.br/boletim-da-global-alliance-against-traffic-in-women/ Boletim da Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women O Boletim nº 10 da Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) foi lançado em 18 de dezembro de 2013, coincidentemente o Dia Internacional do Migrante. O boletim faz um apanhado dos trabalhos desenvolvidos em 2013. Seguem alguns trechos e links do relatório: “En el Diálogo […]

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Reshaping The World of Travel With An All-New Travel Network

http://rci.com/ JOIN THE NEW SHAPE OF TRAVELThere’s a new way to experience travel. Are you ready? Access 600,000+ hotels, 4,200+ affiliated resorts, major car rental brands, and 200,000+ guided tours and local activities. Uncover what’s new – and see how it benefits you.REGISTER NOW

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.org.br Brazil Domain Names, ccTLDs

https://www.asiaregister.com/en/tlds/org.br .org.br Domain Names Brazil is a nation of the continent of South America. It was originally a colony of Portugal in the 1500s. The economy is the sixth largest in the world which allows for Brazil to be a major influence worldwide. Brazil was founding member of the United Nations.Brazil occupies the largest amount […]

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http://incrivel.club/ Incrivel.Club
https://www.cress-ba.org.br/atividade-barreiras CRESS-BA realiza atividade descentralizada em Barreiras   A Comissão de Formação Profissional do CRESS/BA com o intuito de interiorizar suas atividades
http://afdb.org/ Afdb.Org
http://novacana.com/ Novacana.Com
http://portalpositivo.com.br/ Portalpositivo.Com.Br
http://solidariedarte.pt/ Para: Creches, Creches Familiares, Amas, Jardins de Infância, Centros de Atividades de Tempos livres e Centros de Atividades Ocupacionais.Assunto: