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Vilebrequin Official Online Store | Luxury Swimwear, ready to wear for men, women and kids.

https://www.vilebrequin.com/ The manufacture of men’s swimwear requires 32 steps. To the touch, a Vilebrequin swimsuit does not look like any other, it is soft and flexible.In 45 years, Vilebrequin has learned to master the art of men’s swimsuit, and make its models perfectly identifiable.On our iconic swimwear, two eyelets on the back ensure that they […]

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https://www.vilebrequin.com/eu/en/magazine/destinations/blog_article-top10-turtles.html 5/ The most popular site: French Guiana A site seemingly forgotten by tourists, this French Overseas Department is one of the most famous for the observation of sea turtles. “In the same place, one can observe the largest turtle in the world, the leatherback sea turtle, weighing up to 400 kg and the only […]

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